Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lil' Azriel

~ Thumbs up for dinner ~
This is Azriel Loh, my son...of course he looks more like his mom now =( but nvm ...soon he will be more like me...maybe in shape and size...hehe...

It's amazing how time he is about 14mths ++ and he's growing up real fast...he can do lots of funky ticks too...some of which, i oso dunno where or who he got it from...hehe...

of course as a dad, i have lots of things i want to see in him, but nothing matters more to me than for him to grow up as an obedient child to his parents and to the Lord...I asked him recently, "Azriel, where is Jesus?" he responded by putting his hands together *like praying*...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

20.09.2009 Double ~A~

Awesome God...God is so awesome...
KidzTouch Team is simply the BEST!
We’re still in awe struck wonder of you guys...of what you guys have done for the wedding. There is no other team like you guys! We’re still talking about you guys during our honeymoon...keke...
This is what my mom said about you guys. Got this sms from her a day after the wedding. She said ~ “Yr team is d best team i have ever seen. They did a wonderful job for u. They r wonderful ppl. God has given you the best. I appreciate them very much and thank them for me. You are so blessed and God’s favor is upon both of you.”
Vincent Cheah you are AWESOME! You are the perfect wedding planner ! No one else could have done a better job than you. Everything held together bcos of u. Praise the Lord for u, bro...
Double ~A~

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kampung ku...

1st Day of Chinese New Year was just totally awesome! My mum's bros & sis came to our house and basically NOISE was the highlight and of course not to mention food too! omg, the amount of food we had is just unreal! everyone was just catching up with one another. There were like 15 of us in the house! and my house is super small k! macam sardine!

My mom's cooking is just totally awesome! and coupled with my dad's freshly plucked vege...*muah!!! no wonder i'm in SHAPE!

The noise was totally...i oso dunno how to describe hehe...until i couldn't tahan...just had to take a breather outside...hehe...siao man! super noisy! so i decided to go for a stroll at the back of my house where the paddy fields are...

Used to play kite around this place...i have lots of wonderful memories here...

river and fieldsriver and fields 

A small river beside the kampung road.

all the way to the end - paddy fields only...

Normally tell people, "In Kedah, as far as your eyes can take you, it's all paddy fields..." =)


This is lalang, not paddy...(lalang = weeds)

Nice sunset too...

gunung keriang

That's Gunung Keriang...(Elephant Hill ~ use to take the shape of an elephant, but now, cos of the lime stone bombing doesn't really look like an e...)

pump house

This is wat the farmer use to pump water into the paddy water the crops...this is done when the water doesn't flow fast enough from the small river.


So, i had a wonderful time strolling along the paddy fields, taking pictures, enjoying the scenery and talking to God as well...after that, it's time to head back home to enjoy the NOISE again! hehe...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chinese New Year '08

Day 1: Noise & Food .

Nothign else but chat chat chat and eat eat eat!

Day 2: Fishing, Noise & Food again...

This is of course my fav part of all CNY! I always look forward to the fishing trips whenever i go back to AlorStar. There's just nothing beats spending time with my dad on trips like tat.

Some of the pics taken by my SE P910i but not very clear (i miss my SE w800i mobile's camera)

What happened?!

Got up at 3am!!! Left home at 330am to go to the fishing village where we catch our boat ride cos the low tides.

When we got to Ulu Dulang Kechil (the fishing village) it was still dark. We still have to get out of the jetty before the water is too low.

The boat man came and we loaded our things into the boat. Gosh, i forgot to take a pic of the boat we were on!

Off we went! Out in the dark ocean. Can't see a thing...hehe...we got out of the jetty til about 1km away from the kuala then we stopped and waited for the sunrise.

As soon as the sun rises we started the 45mins journey towards the open sea.


Gunung Jerai

That's Gunung Jerai. One of the mountains in Kedah, besides Gunung Keriang (the one behind my house ~ check my nex post)


ME! in my jacket with the hood over my head! cos my hair was too long and was flying everywhere.

my dad

My Hero!


Those are bamboos tied with heavy rocks and thrown into the sea by the fishermen nearby. It's called toi . There are lots of toi around, all placed there by the local fishermen. Its purpose is to let the fishes make their "homes" there and for them to "play" around. It attracts them to hang around the toi so that people like us can go there and catch em! muahahaha...

This pic is actually the 5th toi that we went to. We didn't catch anything at all from the first four tois. Can you believe it? the ocean is so big and yet ZERO fishes are being caught! haih...

first few catch

At last! some fishes.

check out the size of that fish!

My first catch was this BIGGG!!! hahaha...well, not exactly hehehe...actually we caught about 60 of em...similar sizes to that...but of course a few bigger ones...just a wee bit bigger...haha..


The catch of the day!

Mid day!

Blazing HOT in mid day! of course sudah sun burn la...face all peeling...hehe...

dad taking a nap

My dad taking a nap in the afternoon about 2pm. super hot! I slept for about 2 hours before starting to fish again. It's super nice to sleep in the boat with the waves rocking it...feels like i'm in a cradle again...hehe...

live bait caught from toi

One of the bait (was a live ikan kembung!)kept in the a tong after we caught it from the toi. We catch our live bait and use it to get the bigger fish. The bigger fishes that were in season were the barracudas (in hokkien - bekka, in BM - tenggiri) Worth a lot of money if sell it and it makes great curry as well...

left over from a small tenggiri

This left over was most likely eaten by a small barracuda. Cos if it's a big one it will swallow it won't just take a small bite and tatas...hehe...

stop, wait a minute mr boatman!

Mr Boat man!


About 3pm, we left to go closer to an island nearby to continue fishing. Fishes here are those that hide in the rocks.

heading home

We left back to the fishing village about 330pm.

fishing village

Ulu Dulang Kechil's fishing village.


Other boats

catch in the net...

up close and personal with...

hey fishhhh...

on ur way to eat laksa teluk kechai

Well tats it it's eating time. we brought some Maggi Mee but didnt manage to eat in the sea...hehe was too busy getting fishes out of our hooks...btw, the boat has got a portable stove for people to cook if want, now we were on our way to eat Laksa Teluk Kechai! wOOt! bestnya!

What happened to all the fishes?!

We BBQ and ate them at night!!! hahaha...


Day 3: Peace & Quiet at last!

Monday, January 14, 2008

pelik kedah...

Pelik Kedah or loghat Kedah is the way the BM is spoken in Kedah. It's kinda like a bahasa pasar in Alok Stak, Kedah. Kinda like a BM 'slang'. Most people there speaks that way including the other races. Well, most Indians and Malays in Alok Stak speaks Hokkien too "=.=  but it's true. And most kampong boys like me and Pak Cheah speaks pelik Kedah, a slight twist to the official BM.

Most people from other states may not be able to understand fully when a person speaks in pelik Kedah. Similarly, if a Kelantanese were to speak pelik Kelantae then we are not able to fully understand what that person is saying.

So, listed below are the words or 'slang' that is in pelik Kedah. Pak Cheah and I figured out some of the more "appropriate" words that can be mentioned and listed here. Those words are the ones we say when we were "young" hehehe...still am young, just not as young! ""=.=

ok here we go:

Mampuih – you're dead
Gerek – bicycle
Depa – they
Aiyaq – water
Aih - Ice
Mai – come
Pi – Go
Kedara – Eat
Beraco – Jet beraco (something fast la)
Nyiok – Coconut
Gulai – Curry
Hang – You
Kupang – Cent
Sempoi – Great, Nice, 
Sakan – Excellent (really good)
Ngok – Moron
Habaq – Tell
Pasai – Fault
Terajang – Kick
Kecek – Something like pujuk la.
Huluh- Pass
Akai- Brain
Taboh – Whack
Selah – Macam ‘selah’ kain perempuan
Sengih - Smile (senyum2 kambing)
Cemuih – Bosan (fed up)
Kawaq - Theft
Toyu – Kicap
Raba – Touchy
Kelam – Dark
Tibai – Spank
Kelentong – Lying
Mengacum – Something like a daddy's boi
Sewel - Crazy

(list courtesy of Pak Cheah)

I'll try to look for more of it and will update it. I gotto go back and ask my dad for dad (my hero) knows more of it...hehe...
hopefully in my next post i'll share with u all how to make sentences so that it makes sense...